With a Hildeståhl bag you can be sure to get the absolutely best materials. We are passionate about top-class vegetable tanned leathers! 

Hildeståhl will sell online only since 2014, this way we can keep prices reasonable while having the luxury to chose the best raw materials, from zippers and metal parts to leathers.

While linings may vary between different kinds of suedes, usually Finnish Reindeer or Turkish pig suede, on the outside we always use vegetable tanned leather (no chrome or chemically tanned leathers). These natural leathers age more beautifully and have a superior natural touch. They are processed using only vegetable extracts like tree bark.

Leather in the current collection mainly come from three tanneries, in Sweden, Norway and Italy. The metal buckles and other metal items are hand-finished piece by piece in Italy by two specialist companies. The zippers are Italian Raccagni zippers, probably the finest zippers in the world.

The Swedish tannery, Tärnsjö, have an interesting homepage that shows the tanning process of vegetable leather. Recommended! http://www.tarnsjogarveri.com/wip/en/leather/tanning/

Production is in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in a small family operated workshop. To visit our production team and see the process of making a bag visit https://hildestahl.wordpress.com/how-a-bag-is-made/


About flaws and naturalness

Leather are natural materials, and they are marked by the environment in which the animal lived. Hildestahl do not consider healed scars and irregular surface structures to be defects. Each skin is different, and we think this is part of the charm. You will therefore find that on close inspection each Hildestahl bag is not identical.